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About Us

Our Events Team, who previously organized in-person events to build community and caregiver-child relationships, has shifted their work completely online. Our team is hosting twice weekly Zoom conversations for parents to build a supportive community and talk about issues they are facing. We’ve launched Instagram and Facebook live events (such as story readings and art projects) so parents can engage with their children, and we are sending daily text messages with activities for parents and children to do together.

Weekly Messaging

In-Home Activity Text Messages and Weekly Calendars

We have weekly text messages with a craft, movement and parent/caregiver activity to send to our families in English and Spanish. Each activity includes materials needed and links if applicable. This allows families to continue to bond and build relationships on their own time.

COVID-19 Information/Tips for Families

When COVID-19 began, our team started sending weekly text messages with important COVID-19 updates and tips. These now include: proper wearing of masks, how to talk to children about family being sick, working from home, etc.

To sign up for texts, email or call (424) 209-2501

Our Events

Coffee Conversations with WIN 

  • First three Tuesdays at 3:30pm 
  • Our Coffee Conversations are once a week Zoom events led by parents/caregivers. These virtual conversations allow parents/caregivers to build a network of support with others in their community and have questions regarding their families answered.

Family Fun Zoom!

  • Every Tuesday (English) and Thursday (Spanish) at 11am
  • Our Family Fun Zooms are once a week guided family activities such as story time, yoga, stretches, crafts, etc in both English and Spanish. These events allow families to continue to bond and build relationships through interaction.
  • We’re featuring: 

Self Care Sessions

  • Every other Wednesday at 5pm
  • WIN’s Self Care Sessions were created for parents and caregivers to enjoy fun activities while building a network of support. These events allow parents/caregivers time away from regular responsibilities to meet other caregivers and parents who participate with WIN activities 

Parent Cafe

  • Last Tuesday of the Month at 5:15pm
  • WIN’s Parent Cafes are parent/caregiver led conversations that allow parents/caregivers to have one-on-one conversation and answer questions surrounding a central topic related to parenting and the challenges it presents.

Zooga Yoga

  • Every Second Thursday of the Month at 4:00pm
  • Once a month Zooga Yoga hosts an evening class over Zoom to allow. parents/caregivers and children to participate in fun yoga and music movement activities. 

Instagram and Facebook Live

  • Mondays and Fridays at 2pm. 
  • Twice a week WIN provides an opportunity for parents, caregivers and community partners to do activities such as crafts and story time via Instagram/Facebook. These events allow for fun, community building and networking.

Partner Series

Sensory Play Group with Painted Brain

  • 6 week series. Wednesdays at 4pm. 
  • Painted Brain and WIN have teamed up for a series on sensory play for WIN clients and community members. An Occupational Therapist from Painted Brain will assist families with sensory play and ideas. Parents/caregivers and their young children (ages 0-5) will learn ways to manage emotions, gain self-control. make friends, practice daily routines, and build self-confidence through playful sensory exploration. Programming is offered in English and Spanish. 

Bread Head Collaboration

  • 8 week series
  • In collaboration with Bread Head, WIN is offering an eight week course online in which families will prepare affordable, family friendly meals with groceries provided. There will be videos in both Spanish and English, discussions regarding budgeting, grocery shopping, meal preparation, time management, mindful eating, and relationship with food. 
  • Groceries supplied to families weekly
  • Via Teachable – cohort of 10 parents/caregivers

Barnsdall Arts Collaboration

  • Every Thursday at 5pm
  • In collaboration with Barnsdall Arts, WIN is offering an 8 week course that will include storytelling and art projects in English and Spanish. Families will explore stories from around the world and create crafts based on those stories.
  • Max of 4-5 families 

Free Arts Collaboration

  • Art classes every Monday evening at 5:30pm
  • WIN is offering free virtual art groups with “Free Arts” to create fun crafts for families with children 2-5 years old. 
  • Art supplies are picked up each family 
  • 6 week course

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