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WIN Awarded $1.45M To Support Families With Young Children

Thursday, June 30, 2022

WIN, the award-winning child mental health nonprofit, is pleased to announce it’s been awarded four new grants totaling $1,450,000 to provide therapy, case management, and social supports for children in families with high Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) scores.

The four grants WIN has been awarded are:

  • $300.000 is funded in part by W. M. Keck Foundation. W. M. Keck Foundation supports Southern California-based organizations that enrich the lives of our region’s residents. Their vision places a special emphasis on children, youth and their families, with the goal of providing safe, healthy, supportive environments that prepare children to succeed in school and in life.
  • $300,000 is funded in part by The California Wellness Foundation. Cal Wellness’ vision is for every resident of California to enjoy good health and experience wellness. Cal Wellness’ mission is to protect and improve the health and wellness of the people of California by increasing access to health care, quality education, good jobs, healthy environments and safe neighborhoods.

  • $750,000 is funded in part by Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Global Early Childhood Development Initiative takes a holistic, two-generation approach to ensure support for parents/caregivers and their young children. By strengthening the capacity of public systems and community actors to support the well-being of both young children and their parents/caregivers, children ages 0-3 in underserved communities in Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and the U.S. can be developmentally on track and ready for school and reach their full potential. 
  • $100,000 is funded in part by L.A. Care’s Community Health Investment Fund (CHIF). L.A. Care established its Community Health Investment Fund (CHIF) in 2000 to support projects that strengthen community health and fill gaps in health coverage for low-income individuals in Los Angeles County. Since then, it has awarded more than $105 million for more than 800 community-based projects and more than 240 unique community-based clinics and other nonprofit social service organizations. Through CHIF, L.A. Care is proud to offer support to safety net providers, those providers who offer care regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. In supporting safety net providers and community-based organizations, CHIF grants have helped many of its 2.5 million members and the communities where they live.

About WIN

WIN nests children and their parents in a comprehensive support system that ensures their basic needs are met so that families can focus on repairing their relationships, healing from trauma, and building resilience. With our in-home mental health therapy, child-parent relationships strengthen and parents heal from depression, PTSD, and complex trauma. We partner with sister agencies to create a community that offers an array of supportive preventions and interventions to buffer children and their families against the negative effects of adversity.

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