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What We Do

WIN provides free, in-home mental health therapy and in-home comprehensive supports to vulnerable families with young children. Through its clinical and consultation work, WIN serves 500-800 individuals, families, and professionals annually; With its new Department of Mental Health Innovation 2 work, WIN supports thousands more.

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Westside Infant-Family Network (WIN) ensures that families with prenatal through five-year-old children receive the culturally sensitive mental health care and community resources they need to strengthen their families and achieve secure attachment with their children.


WIN unites families, organizations, and communities to promote healthy relationships, well-being, and lifelong success for young children and families.

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How We Do It

  • Weekly in-home child-parent psychotherapy with bilingual, master’s-level WIN clinicians.
  • Weekly in-home individual adult therapy with bilingual, master’s-level WIN clinicians.
  • Intensive, in-home WIN and cross-agency resources & linkages for the entire family including diapers, food pantry, legal, medical clinic, transportation, childcare, early intervention services, and more.
  • Professional-level, multidisciplinary WIN infant mental health training & consultation to ensure that direct service staff & clinicians throughout LA can better address their own communities’ needs.

Our History

Since our inception in 2005, WIN has provided nationally-award winning in-home therapy to young children and families facing generations of depression, poverty, and neglect. We have been recognized nationally by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Lodestar Foundation, and Harvard University Center on the Developing Child.

In 2018, we were awarded a $16M ‘Innovation 2’ (INN2) contract from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, with WIN as lead agency of eight community partners, to work together in preventing trauma and building more resilient communities.

We are at a point in our history of exciting and rapid growth.

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