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How To Make Stress Balls With Your Kids

By Katilyn Thomas

You might not think of stress balls as a kid thing, but let me tell you, they are. These super cool squishy balls are perfect for fidgeters, children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, and probably every child we know. That’s why stress balls are so great for kids – they can squeeze them, stretch them, and play with them however they want. And the best part? You can make your own stress balls at home with this easy DIY idea!

What’s Needed

  • Balloons
  •  ½ cup Flour (per balloon, approx.)
  • Empty Water Bottle, dry
  • Funnel


1. Put the funnel into the water bottle, and pour flour through it.

2. Stretch the balloon around the opening of the water bottle.

3. Turn the water bottle upside down and gently squeeze the flour into the balloon. Make sure to use some pressure because the air helps the balloon open up so the flour can all go in.

4. After the flour is all in, pinch the balloon and release it from the bottle.

5. The balloon should have a snug fit to the flour inside it. Just make sure there isn’t any extra air in the balloon.

6. Tie the balloon and wipe away any excess flour from the outside.

7. All ready to squeeze away stress and have fun!

P.S. If you find your child has poked a hole in one or a little bit of flour is seeping out through the hole, cover it with another balloon, and you are good to go.

Watch the video below:

By: Red Ted Art

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