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Black History Month Books for 3,4, & 5 Year-Olds!

By Katilyn Thomas

When it comes to teaching our kids about history, it’s never too soon to start. Remember, little ones’ brains are like sponges! That’s especially the case when it comes to introducing children to material that recognizes the achievements and legacies of prominent Black figures around the world. Join us in celebrating stories by Black authors and illustrators that capture the diverse experiences of Black families and children. Here are 5 books that allow children to see themselves and their communities in stories and provide starting points for conversations about history, differences, inequalities and acceptance.

M Is for Melanin
A Celebration of the Black Child
by Rose, Tiffany

M is For Melanin is a joyful tribute to, and representation of, Black children of all shades and sizes. It brings to life Black culture, experiences and history through the ABCs. A is for Afro, F is for Fresh, O is for Obama…the alphabet goes on in this bright and upbeat book. 

Dream Big, Little One
by Harrison, Vashti

Featuring eighteen inspiring Black women throughout history, this book is a great way to introduce babies, toddlers and young readers to talented Black women who have shaped our world and inspired them to dream big!

I Promise
by James, LeBron

From future NBA Hall of Famer, LeBron James, this colorful book delivers a message of kindness, compassion, and persistence (with some references to basketball, of course!) and encourages children to try new things, lift each other up and strive for greatness. With diverse and predominantly Black characters, the pages reflect the racial makeup of James’ hometown in Ohio. 

I Am Perfectly Designed
by Brown, Karamo

From Queer Eye star, Karamo Brown, comes a story of an African American father and son who share a special and ever-growing bond. With themes of growing up and self-acceptance, this story depicts a diversity of characters and reminds all kids that we are all perfectly designed, just the way we are!

Parker Looks up
An Extraordinary Moment
By Parker Curry

The power and importance of representation radiate from this book, which tells the story of a young Black girl who is mesmerized and inspired when she sees Amy Sherald’s extraordinary portrait of former First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. This book uses simple words that describe faces and feelings that make it perfect for young children

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