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5 Ways to Talk to Kids About Voting

Voting is part of being a good citizen, and now is the perfect time to talk to kids about elections and the democratic process! Here’s how:

Explain voting — and hold a family “election.” Even preschoolers can grasp the idea that voting is a way for people to make decisions. To illustrate the point, hold your own election in your family: should you have chicken or tofu for dinner? Encourage respectful debate about the pros and cons of each. Have each person cast a secret ballot — majority rules!

Show and tell. There are a lot of signs an election is near including bumper stickers, election signs, and television commercials. Point out these concrete examples of election season and encourage your child to notice them as well.

Discuss a kid-friendly issue. The people that we support as voters are those who support issues we care about. Are you concerned about the environment, education, or another issue?  Talk with your child about an issue that you can impact by voting

Generate excitement around elections. Whether you vote by mail or in person, show your children the ballot (most states have sample ballots online) and even help them create their own! You can set up a mini voting booth and make them an “I Voted” sticker or button/badge for after they’ve cast their vote.

Read books. Books are a great way to help introduce your children to the complexities of our electoral process in terms they can understand. They’re engaging, informative, and teach kids about the importance of participating in our democracy.

Teach kids about elections with these videos: Sesame Street: Election Day and YOU CHOOSE | Presley Talks About Voting | PBS KIDS

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