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How We Help

WIN provides free, in-home mental health therapy and in-home comprehensive support to vulnerable families with young children.

We nest children and their parents in a comprehensive support system that ensures their basic needs are met so that families can focus on repairing their relationships, healing from trauma, and building resilience. With our in-home mental health therapy, child-parent relationships strengthen and parents heal from depression, PTSD, and complex trauma. We partner with sister agencies to create a community that offers an array of supportive preventions and interventions to buffer children and their families against the negative effects of adversity.


Quality Care

A comprehensive care model is personalized to each family.


Clear Results

Impact is transformative to the well-being of families.

Who We Are

WIN Los Angeles partners with clinics, pantries, Early Head Start programs, schools, families, child care homes, and sister agencies throughout our community so that families can access comprehensive support.

Transforming Communities One Family at a Time

Successful Outcomes

We believe in the power of relationships to transform early brain development, families, neighborhoods, and communities. How do we know WIN works? Our families share their stories of triumph, and we measure our impact using standard screenings and assessments.

Each year, thousands of children, parents, family members, and professionals seek out WIN care and consultation.

Our Families are Transforming Their Futures!


Children with developmental concerns prior to therapy, significantly improve outcomes.


Children show an increase in secure attachment behaviors with their parents/primary caregivers.


Parents/primary caregivers receiving adult individual therapy show decrease in depression.


Parents/primary caregivers experience significant reduction in levels of stress.

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